Thursday, March 5, 2009

Give up Political Picnics, budget says no!

Phoebe and I have spend several dozen hours in the parks, the lawns, and the yards of people we support. Drinking and watching polo or croquet, sometimes just a fancy May pole dance. But the economy is sour and I have an extra day off work each week from the slumping fuel sales at my corporate airport. It's a real shame I have to give up the highend stuff for simply grilling hot dogs on the back porch here in St Louis.

We have been blessed by so many taxpayer and donor dollars, but now that the world seems to be in a tail spin and Rush is having a falling out with friends and the Obama' white house, we too must sacrafice. It's the end of the season and spring is just weeks away!

Wonder if Memorial day will can afford potato chips or a soda pop for July 4th?