Friday, March 6, 2009

GIVE in to Friday Afternoon Club

Growing up in Colorado allowed me the freedom of spending weekends outdoors skiing, or biking, or simply spending the hours in the sun, wind, and elements of the WEST. Now that we have been living in the midwest(a few years back here in college excluded) from FL for about ten years, I'm ready to start up the FACE, or Friday afternoon club experiment.

It used to be a time to head to the hills and ski, or find a good bar patio after college classes or highschool game to drink, or even just head to the lake to skate or swim it was a warmer season. I'm going to try to re enact this colorado routine.

Tomorrow, I'm going to spend it on the bike or outdoors at the shooting range with some rifle and maybe shoot some trap! Have a conversation with a neighbor in the hood and learn more about the space between the two homes

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