Saturday, September 20, 2008

Maybe Obama is patriotic, but it's the people behind him that scare me!

Barack H. Obama might know the versus to the national anthem forward and backward, his wife might be the most patriotic wife in all of Chicago, maybe the midwest. But, my concern is the people who support and will vote for him have alternative motives for this liberal White House to be with OBAMABiden ticket. These folks will stop at nothing to get a celebrity Liberal in the executive office.

For example(s), the preacher, the activist, the family in Africa, these folks all give me some doubt as to who he will surround himself with. I'm not saying I want to extinguish the orginality or the personality of a superstar with connection to the more cultural and worldly leaders than say, Cindy McCain's Bud network, but who is Obama?

Hopefully it's not the Josh Howard's of the younger generation:

Saturday, September 13, 2008

SNL Obama; I think will will wait for Palin

I think it might very funny if garret morris will do something like playact Obama's dad, but what i really look forward to is seeing Palin get played on the NBC show of Political satire and liberal slants!

Any woman who can look good in swim suit, hunting attire, business suit, as well as parka next to a highwing has my vote

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

9/11 is tomorrow

Going to work the morning shift knowing that avaition is the future and reason we have to keep going 7 years after NYC and world trade tower incident.

Here are a few pix of my trip to see them: (sorry they are on flickr and not nablopomo or here)




Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tonight is the nite to play TV split screen!

OK couch potatoes, time to unite sports and sex on the same lcd: palin and football

Might just have to get this quote out first: "Being a mayor is just like being a community organizer only with responsibilities"

So now on to football, who is playing? I can't get this photoshopped photo off my mind to remember thursday's night pick, but MONDAY I take the broncos all the way... did you know VPILF graduated from University of Idaho? They are broncos too....