Friday, January 29, 2010

Tiger Woods, Steve Jackson, Mark McGuire, Pro Saga(s)

It seems living in the world of sex, drugs, and violence at the top level of athletes is getting to be the norm. I read today about another golfer cheating with clubs (wrong clubs loophole), or Tiger Woods donating millions to avoid rich boy complex, or guns in the NBA and Lebron/Kobe making light of it. It's all just hype i buy into evertime i use the remote control to click on a game. McGuire is not that welcome here in STL

Mind you I never buy cable or dish, but i do drive on McGuired highway since paid taxes to the statehood of sports lobby. I have never bought a ticket to Steve Jackson Rams football greatest show on turf and would never consider it until they get a few more wins, and NEVER if they pick Vick as the next QB. It would put some butts in the seats, but for all the wrong reasons.

So who really believes in the story that Elin didn't know about her husband? Or his sponsors were surprized? Or the association of pro golf is much different than the pro bowlers association? At least they still allow you to smoke in bowling alleys and drink, so we know it's not really a true sport, say like the pot smoking NBA.

Have you seen the NBA gun controversy: got guns? instead of milk!