Friday, March 6, 2009

Give up on making Chruch my only Sunday goal

This past few weeks, I haven't had to work at my career fueling jetcraft, so often thought about hanging at church these mornings. Then I realized, it's half a day blown since it starts at 1030 and I normally work at 6 am. Thus, I will commit to Wed night services more often, but who really needs the goal of perfect attendance to any org in today's world. It was an important social tool to have meetings 100 years ago, even 25 years ago the telephone was not skype like. In the past five years it's radically diff.

Is it possible to listen into a service, yes, or even get to hear or read it yourself at our leisure instead of the rigidity of group prayer. I like the singing, but electric guitars are better. I like flowers, but fish bowls are more symbolic if that really matters. Being around familiar faces is almost as nice a avatar chat.

I'm giving up on the guilt of missing church, it's where I am in the future: click here if you teach sunday school

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