Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Very Busi with BBQ and Chicago trip....

Sorry, my blog about condi rice as veep combined with my love of the BBQ and taking my daughter for a couple days to shy town has me not writing much on the theme of Food at www.nablopomo.com

btw, great new link with awesome photos

I usually just add them on the section, but she deserves more....

SWEEET BABY RAYS is her sauce

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RebeccaC said...

Hey there! Thanks so much for your kind words and shoutout about a homemakers habitat! I always love hearing from fellow food lovers! Also, I wasn't familiar with nablopomo but will have to check it out and see if I can get involved.

As a completely RANDOM side-note -- I see that you're a Cessna family member. Very cool. My father is the proud owner of a 1955 Cessna 170B (his other daughter I think) and I've been flying with him since before I could crawl! I'll be checking out your sites regularly!