Saturday, July 5, 2008

I'm a chef by trade....long ago


I'm going to list my most recent flavor since July is Food month at Eden's site.

These are kabobs(chix): marinate then skewer with apple and onions (red is better)

Olive oil (virgins are my fav)
ground ginger and minced fresh
lavendar (the flowers are dried)
fresh minced garlic
ground thyme
lemon and lime juice (bottle or fresh is fine)
plenty of sea salt or iodined stuff
white pepper

Give it a few hours in a bowl before you cut the green apples and toss with them. I don't like bamboo sticks as much as metal.

This is my July 5th specialty I ate with my daughter as the tester, can't wait to share with my wife when she returns in a few weeks - i know i will get lucky that night, it's that good!

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