Sunday, April 20, 2008

Turning Fourty Tomorrow

MY WIFE'S Story:

I've been 40 for several years now, almost half decade, but she is going to feel the black wrath of half life since our generation is going to experience 80 year life expentancy rates. So in a nut shell, we just have four decades left.

I have now been married as long as I've been able to vote. That's a bit corny huh?

Tomorrow is her day, starting out with a Steak BBQ tonight for her, finish her off with a huge GASM before work tomrrow: but three great kids later, only a few times we have needed a matrimony coach, and tons of great memories, I DO LOVE HER!

We planted our spring flower pots on the deck, so it's been a good celebration for her i'm sure.

See you next week when the Nordiques keep the colorado hopes alive!

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