Friday, April 18, 2008

22 innings of baseball - a record to quake!


I'm back bloggin now after taking a few weeks off, not that I was ever good at this regular diary type format. But, last night was special around 5 am. Midwest earthquake measuring around 5 on the Rick Scale woke up the kids upstairs and sent them down wondering what the hell was happening! No tears, just worried and sleepy eyed. But the real kicker was:

COLORADO ROCKIES WENT 22 innings until about 3 am central time as well as the Avalanche went up one game against the wild in Minnesota (which coincidentally felt the ground shake as did WI and IOWA from the IL epic center).

SO, sports month of March is spilling over for me into APRIL quite nicely, my red bull didn't keep me up late enough to hear the ending of both games, nor did my now frisky 40 year old want the red bull. (Or could it be called purple?)

Anyway - i hope to write more often,


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