Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day 2008 - Noblopomo Tomorrow

Well, we have waited patiently for days, weeks, some months perahaps? Tonight at midnight I might wake my wife up for some exercise then head off to the PC to post my first, but for sure by sunrise tomorrow if I pass out trying to explain to her the beauty she signafies after almost two decades of bonding (no, not bsbm for you pervs)

Lincoln has always been my fav prez thus i use this ripped shot of him at the website to blog on Blogrolls, then also paste the blog here so I have double protection in winning the prize(?) which is not really my motive other than be the lunatic lister i want to be...even picked a name close to another fav of mine ListOrama (is she the fem side of mine?) I just liked her stuff so to speak.

All is well, might have to scramble since I might not have laptop for trip to FL over spring break, blogging at a library or someother wierd place to query you folks up.

Probably going to post a day ahead for at least the first two weeks.

Here is my first picture for ya too:

1 comment:

Andi said...

Hey Mike, It's so great to find another "listing lunatic"! I'll be checking in to read your lists.

And thanks for the link! :o)