Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jesse James doesn't get laid?

Wow, I just watched pretty boy JJ in his documentary Brad Pitt special and they hardly showed a woman, which makes me really doubt the authenticity of this movie compared to, say Gladiator Crowe sticking it to that bartenderness in Yuma 3:10...

I might just list one day next month for the top ten westerns I have seen. It's going to be some adult content which i'm not sure is acceptable to Eden's ps rule at nablopomo page?

Help me know where the line and the limit is for such Americana filth i want to write about, kinda like Clint Eastwood's western about a raped cowgirl..... remembe this one from the end of last century.

See ya soon online!

ps i'm going to join a whole list of groups at nablopomo as well.....come join us!

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