Thursday, March 12, 2009

Give up watching the second 50 days of Obama in Office with sports!

OK FOLKS, he failed his first half of Glory in the Whore House, I mean White house...

I'm not going to finger him and his armed wife (did you see her guns? thunder and lightening on those upper arms) but, he is not the president we voted for at the electorial college party, that was the koolaid talking! Now the hangover begins

I say Karate Kid could not hold a candle to a Texas Ranger who might just run for President in 2012. Long live the Southwest!
Texas is not the EAST like so many believe in NM and AZ and Californication states...

What do you say 'grasshopper'? Any wisdom from the east? NEVER, we are a western civilization! Karate kid is the best Obama can do with his Billary GLOBAL wisdom:

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