Monday, March 9, 2009

Give up vodka and cheap horses...

I remember a western that said "Fresh Whiskey and Horse" after they have a poke in the saloon (sound so much like a salon to me, but who really cares about spelling?) therefore I'm giving up on that cheap city idea of martini or vodka grapefruit known as a 'salty dog'. But my replacement is a beer, something like FAT TIRE to match my gut, or some pacifico to replace anyting marketed or over sold like that formaldahide, Corona or Balogna?

I have tried using the great PRETENDER vodka that Obama likes but i'm too honest of a guy.... I promise for one month to not buy the expense stuff and only use cheap vodka in the more expensive flip top bottle with the 360 logo on it, but really if I have beer colded i'm not having liquor and sticking to beer.

It's an awesome spring to learn to loose weight so i can fit into my suit and trip down with only a few beers everyother day. Dont' i look way overweight that might rip my universal healthcare away from me? (ps i don't have any to start with other than vision and dental)

Please email me if you think i need a training bra soon!

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