Sunday, March 2, 2008

Seven Sunday Sport Selections

My list of top personalities in Sports (mother by default since she sat in on so many games and spoke so highly of my skills)

Fav Sports Announcers:

Al Michaels

Howard Cosell

Dave Campbell

Shannon Sharpe

My Mother

Fran Tarkenton

Linda Cohn

The last selection and the first one have some partial autobiographical insight, but not as a chavaunist or anything psycho gender, but typed them in that order. The latter being a hockey goalie and knowledgeable person in sports and the first a bit of an idiot for biting without loving, a firm bite in bed should not be a blood ridden and newsworthy unless of course you live in NYC. Being a man, I have to saw the rack in the net is my fav choice despite she is last on the list.

Runner’s up are Jimmy the Greek and Dick Vitael and Joe G from my youth!

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