Tuesday, March 11, 2008

McCain in St Louis today...

Today was so busy on the tarmac this morning and early afternoon with huge tin birds like the Falcons, G5, and Cessnas like new one Harrison Ford just bought! I suspect it was the weather got better, but then watching the news locally, I heard McCain stayed in town over night from his fund raiser at Hilton Frontenac.

So my list of this tuesday is exactly what is happening to me now the wife and kids are off in FL:

Sat (worked at City Museum building model airplanes with Hobbyquest.com)was my day off work, watched movies from couch at home later that evening!

Sun Worked early in the am and boy it was slow, but did talk about raquetball game for Monday Afternoon with Kevo at work!

Mon was the raquetball afternoon once getting off work, then several grey hounds to make the Tuesday morning very difficult - funny clip of the sport:

Tues I'm so excited, not the stacked up dishes in the sink since the wife and family have gone to FL, nor having the freedom to sit on couch and eat in living room, but I'm about to watch the butch cassidy and sundance flick instead of Am Idol.

Wed is a new day, will try to get caught up on laundry, kitchen and dishes, walk the dog, small chores... so see you all tomorrow! My movie list below

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