Sunday, March 30, 2008


This march madness thing of blogging each day has totally ruined my life - she kicked me out of the house since my attitude is way to flaming and scud like verbally as well as "spending too much time at the computer" but i barely write much? It's only a few minutes a day and that is not acceptable to her....

Even my dad wrote that I'm spending too much time online. Well, I do type more than 50 minutes per word? Or vice versa i guess....

But mostly photos and video in my blogs

I hope my wife takes me back one day.

She said, "get professional help she said, then she will talk to me again, something about a life coach, or anger management consultant, or just plain DR of white man frustrations...."

I called and made appointment, until then sleep at work, in the car, or at my buddy's house.

GO ROCKIES in st louis tomorrow!

Marriage is like
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">a flat tire!

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