Tuesday, March 25, 2008

i've been arrested as well for not signing a ticket?

of course, i used the bullshit word, the god damn this crap, but never called anybody a name, just refused to sign a ticket from a violation on private property....

this cops in FL are absurd; some tell me they are flunkies in the cities of FL from the 911 military buildup, or leftovers with huge attitudes from dessert storm

this is america right? read this load:

CLEARWATER, Fla. -- A 75-year-old woman was arrested at a Clearwater McDonald's drive-thru because police said she wouldn't pull her car forward.

Authorities said Jean Merola, a grandmother of eight, was arrested for disorderly conduct after she refused an officer's orders to move her car while she waited for the coffee and fries she ordered at the drive-through window. Merola said the McDonald's employees told her to wait there for her food.

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